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Relevant Experience

Certified Zoning Official Training

To find solutions to the challenges facing our town an understanding of regulation and the Town’s authority is essential.  Over the last five years I had developed a deep understanding of regulation and the Town’s authority via my time on the Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board and by successfully completing the Certified Zoning Official (Planning and Development Regulation) training at the UNC School of Government. 

Municipal Finance

Early in my career I worked in Municipal/Public Finance with Interstate/Johnson Lane and Wachovia Securities.  This experience gave me an understanding of how cities, towns and municipal authorities finance their capital projects and operations as well as the tools used to do so.  The group I worked in acted as a financial advisor, issued and underwrote bonds.  During that time, I reviewed countless municipal comprehensive annual financial statements, helped structure bond issues and bond refinancing.

Ordinances Advisory Board

Since December of 2017, I have served on the Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board (HOAB).  The HOAB primarily acts in an advisory capacity to the planning and town boards as it relates to proposed changes to zoning and subdivision ordinances.  During my tenure, I have served as chairperson, for two years, vice chairperson and chaired the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Sub-committee.  I am the longest serving member of the board and was the first non-town commissioner to serve as chairperson.  During my time on the HOAB, I have advocated for changes to better address traffic impacts from new development, housing affordability and balanced regulation.

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Sub-Committee

The Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board (HOAB) created the TIA Sub-committee in March 2019 at which time I was appointed to chair the committee.  The stated purpose of the sub-committee was to review and recommend changes to TIA process with the goal of making the process equitable, predictable and transparent to all parties impacted by the process.  The sub-committee met from March of 2019 until February of 2020 and produced a written set of recommendations.

Home Building and Real Estate

For most of my career I have worked either directly or indirectly in the real estate and home building sectors.  With a diverse set of experience encompassing project and corporate finance, entitlement, budgeting, brokerage and investments.  My experience in the home building and real estate industries has given me an clear understanding of how regulation impacts housing availability and attainability and what changes are needed to make it more affordable.         






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