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Traffic and Transportation

Traffic is one of the biggest issues affecting our Town and bad policies over the last 25 years has allowed too many traffic impacts to be created without proper mitigation.  We are currently not using all available authority and the authority we are using is not being used to its fullest extent.  I have spent the last four plus years developing solutions and a comprehensive understanding of the Town’s related authority.  I began proposing potential solutions in February of 2019 and was subsequently appointed to chair the traffic impact analysis sub-committee which produced a written set of recommendations to the Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board and the Town Board.

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Correcting Policies Before They Lead to Higher Taxes

There are currently a number of Town policies that if left unchecked will lead to higher taxes.  These policies need to be changed and processes put in place to minimize the risk of creating similar policy in the future.

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Housing Affordability

It is in the public interest that we have housing that is available and attainable for our teachers, nurses, first responders, municipal staff and workforce.  Right now, 80% of the households in Charlotte MSA cannot afford the median home price.  There are number of factors that contribute to housing being unaffordable that are within the Town’s ability to control.

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Citizen Engagement and Education

Every elected official has a duty to listen to the concerns of their citizens.  However leadership does not end there.  Good leaders also help educate and inform their constituents about the issues before them.  While serving on the Huntersville Ordinances Advisory Board (HOAB) I regularly heard concerns from citizens regarding town ordinances and worked to address them.  In addition, I consistently worked to inform and educate citizens and other board members on matters before the HOAB and produced a set of reference and training materials that were shared with elected and appointed board members.

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Balanced Regulation

The impact of regulation is something that citizens of Huntersville experience daily.  It affects our road infrastructure, housing affordability and availability, water quality, local employment opportunities and location and cost of goods and services.  Little to no regulation creates chaos and too much stops progress.  Finding a balance between the public interest and the rights of property owners is essential to having a vibrant local community.

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Sound Fiscal and Risk Management

The Town Board has a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the citizens of Huntersville as well as to provide oversight.  Part of this role is to ensure that tax payer dollars are being spent wisely and that the town is not taking on risks that would expose tax payers to potential liability.  In addition to annual financial audits, the town should conduct an independent risk and compliance audit to ensure that all of the Town’s ordinances, processes and procedures are in line with the Town’s authority, industry best practices, case law and constitutional limits.

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